Practicing What We Teach

TriTech’s Joey Spooner recently had the opportunity to talk about how TriTech uses the Kanban Method to operate its award winning business. The talk covers how our own business has transformed its services and design over the past three years. While we’re a small business, we’re just like the big guys. “Shift happens” and we adapt to the challenges and opportunities through our practice of the Kanban Method.

Check out Joey’s presentation on YouTube.

By Joey Spooner

Joey Spooner is an Accredited Kanban Trainer and Kanban Coaching Professional at TriTech Enterprise Systems, Inc. In a 17-year career spanning the communications, insurance, higher education, non-profit, and government sectors, Joey has been a software developer, IT director, strategic analyst, coach, and technical expert. He blogs at ( and tweets as @spoonstein. Joey holds a Bachelors in Business Administration from the University of Florida.